Who is Mad Dog?

"Drugs, gangs and breaking the law can do the same thing for you that they did for me! My Choices  cost me 10 years, 8 months and 11 days out of my life ... in the penitentiary.

As a speaker, Dale "MAD DOG" Messmer guarantees each audience will believe and remember his story. Without being obscene or offensive, Dale explains the consequences of his bad Choices.  He does not glamorize his escapades nor does he have anything positive to say about crime.

His goal is to "tell it like it is" to anyone who is contemplating or experimenting with bad choices. When MAD DOG is hired, he gets the job done!

As a convicted felon, Dale "MAD DOG" Messmer served over ten years in prison for drug smuggling and armed robbery in four states (Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arkansas). Law enforcement agencies considered him a career criminal" and advised "never approach alone".

Before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, MAD DOG attended school and worked in the Wichita, a central Kansas area.  After a medical/honorable discharge from The Marine Corps he became involved in several businesses.  In civilian life, MAD DOG operated a concert security company, a limousine service, taverns and worked for a bail  bonding company as a bounty hunter.  In his work in the music industry in Nashville, he became a bodyguard for Charlie Daniels and William Lee Golden of The Oak Ridge Boys.  Expanding his operations to include a charter flying service, his freelance work led to drug smuggling and ultimately... prison.

Since his release from prison, MAD DOG has chosen to save as many young people as possible from his bad Choices (drugs, gangs, prison). After speaking at over 400 schools and youth organizations in Arkansas for the Arkansas Crime Prevention Association, he was endorsed by Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and the Arkansas Sheriff's Association. Endorsed by the Ventura County School Board, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Departments V.I.D.A (Vital Intervention - Directional Alternatives) Program, MAD DOG continues his work in California schools and with the LAPD Juvenile Impact Program. MAD DOG has appeared on nationally televised news, documentaries and film with his Straight Talk Outreach Program (S.T.O.P.)

Articulate and committed to his work, MAD DOG speaks on a level youth audiences understand. Speaking from his personal experience, MAD DOG's presence conveys his lasting message effectively. He emphasizes the harsh realities of what kids can expect from bad Choices Drugs, Gangs, Prison and Death. His audiences listen and comprehend, because MAD DOG holds credibility.


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