Who is Mad Dog?

"I have three adjectives for your presentation to Isbell Middle School students: 1) effective, 2) outstanding, and 3) AWESOME! You are performing a very valuable duty for young people across our state and nation. Please keep on doing these assemblies. Don't ever quit
Arvid Brommers, PhD., Principal, Santa Paula, CA

"It is doubtful anyone will go to sleep during Dale's dynamic delivery, but it is possible that some who hear him will stay awake at night thinking about what they had heard ... if the school is sincerely interested in confronting students with a powerful message about the right choices, then it will be hard to find one more effective than Dale Messmer's Straight Talk Outreach Program.'
Michael Huckabee, Governor, State of Arkansas

"Your presentation was all we expected and more! You affirmed those students who make good choices and shook those who do not. The students were in awe of the idea that even a tough guy like Mad Dog could not escape the hardships of prison life. A true life testimony of making poor choices, getting caught, and paying the price. I wish you luck in your effort to reach as many young people as possible."
Bob Iezza, Dean of Students, CA

The Straight Talk Outreach Program' is especially well-suited for students between 13 and 18, who are faced with choices that could change their lives forever. Dale's presentation style is captivating and informative without the usual trappings that glamorize crime. He is articulate, informative, commanding and r-e-a-I. He spoke to Cabrillo students for 75 minutes and you could've heard a pin drop. Dale shares his life story with tales of his travels, imprisonment, friendships, mistakes and experiences in the real world. Adults and student, alike, are spellbound by his honesty and intensity. He concludes his presentation with a heartfelt exhortation to make the most of school experiences He claims, 'The older I get, the more I realize how smart my teachers were!' Cabrillo students, staff and parents send Dale MAD DOG Messmer the highest possible endorsement for a school or youth group presentation.'
Kris Bergstrom, Principal, CA

"The expressions on the faces of the young people you address confirm that your message is indeed getting through.'
Los Angeles Police Commission

"We recognize Mr. Messmer as one of our most valuable assets in combating juvenile recidivism ... we are all amazed at his enthusiasm and dedication ... he is determined to do all he can to help any child avoid the mistakes he has made ... Mr. Messmer has shown that a person is able to turn his/her life around and learn from their mistakes.'
LAPD Wilshire Detectives - Juvenile Section


Television Features
"Stop the Violence", NBC News Segment
"Save Our Streets", FOX Feature Segment
HBO "Shelter', Featured Actor 
"Real Stories of the Highway Patrol", Main Character
"NBC News Magazine", Feature Segment
Arkansas Educational TV Network, Guest
"V.I.D.A./S.T.O.P." Fox Documentary

TV Appearances and Commercials 
"Mad About You", NBC Promotional
Blockbuster Video, National TV Commercial 
The Club, National TV Commercial
Alltel Cellular Phone Service, TV Commercial
Jones Harley-Davidson, Local TV Commercial
"Leeza Show", Featured Guest, July 22, 1998, National TV
"Home and Family Show", National TV, Aug.'98
Regular appearances on "The Maury Povich Show"

Special Skills

Bounty-hunter, Stunts, Mercenary, Firearms Expert, Boxer, Bodyguard, Bouncer, ASA Softball Umpire, Fast Pitch Softball Pitcher, Chauffeur, Motorcyclist, Carpenter, Writer, Author, Truck Driver, Pilot


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